Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the stars at night...

We went to an Astros game on Saturday night with some friends from church. They had company tickets and we sat right behind the backstop (well ok we were about 15 rows behind the backstop, but I still flinched when the ball hit the net). I think I could really enjoy baseball if I always had such good seats and good company.

We also learned something special about Texas, after singing the typical 7th inning "Take me out to the Ball Game", everyone continued standing and sung with even more energy "Deep in the Heart of Texas". I didn't record the event because I was in such awe I couldn't get my phone out. So I have posted someone else's record of the regular event. But next time I will be prepared.

We felt like we were in Peewes Big Adventure.
Yes, we really are in Texas.

We didn't bring the real camera (only the camera photo) so the photos are pretty bad. But posts with photos are so much better. :)

The view from our seats!

At the end of the game.