Saturday, January 7, 2012


I am WAY behind on blogging all the adventures we have had the last few weeks. Having Lonnie home for two weeks means more adventures, less house cleaning and much less me time.  I don't mind at all.   So I will just jump ahead to today and catch up next week.   

One of the biggest benefits of living in New Zealand is that Lonnie is given 4 weeks of vacation rather than the 2 weeks he had when we lived in the States.  Lonnie's office has been closed since December 23rd and opens again on January 9th.  I have had two whole weeks of 24 hour help at home.  We didn't plan any trips over the holidays.  We just stayed home but we live in New Zealand so even staying home is amazing....we explored local parks, went the beach, climbed a volcano, worked on getting Trent to sleep longer at night, etc.   

While we didn't finish half the things I had on my honey do list.  Still, I have decided that I really, really, really love having two parents at home all the time.  If by some strange chance we are ever independently wealthy I've decided we maintain a modest lifestyle and have two full time parents.  I don't need or want a huge beautiful home, clothes and cars.  But I would love to have Lonnie home with us all day.  I can dream right? 

Unfortunately today is Saturday, and after tomorrow we return to our normal life.  But yesterday was Friday and after nap time we decided to go for a 45 min drive out to Muriwai.  We had planned to go for a hike but after realized we had chosen the long, steep, mosquito-ridden path we changed our minds and went to the beach.  

Muriwai is a black sand beach with sand dunes (or sand dudes as our kids like to call them), beautiful picnic and campgrounds and a playground.  Also just a short walk up the hill is an amazing gannet colony.
I am quite proud this chubby baby.  I love his snap-on wrists.
Max can never get just a little bit wet, he always ends up soaking.  He should just live in his swimming togs.
The view from above the beach.
This view really don't do the nesting grounds justice.  It felt like we were taking a peek into National Geographic.
Max and Maya, filthy from rolling around in the black sand, stopped on the trail to the gannet colony to look for animal tracks.