Tuesday, August 16, 2011



baby burrito

These two might be my favorite photos....but it is hard to chose.

newborn photos

My wonderful photographer friend Zoe Sasulu, who also did my maternity photos, came over when Trent was about 10 days old to take newborn photos. 

I'm already amazed at how much he has changed since she took these photos.   He no longer has the peeling skin from being born 10 days over due.  He also no longer has the white spots covering his nose that caused Maya to comment "He has a silly nose" when she first saw him.  While he still has chubby cheeks some of the swelling from the birth has gone down.  He has also gained more than 2lbs since we took the photos, which is quite a lot for a little guy.  Trent seems to be growing up faster than Max and Maya ever did.  Maybe it is because he started out much bigger and "older" than they did,  or maybe it is because life is so busy that time passes more quickly, but I am glad that that these moments have been recored.  

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Auckland I highly recommend Zoe.  She was patient and flexible with Trent's schedule.  As a mother she also understood Trent's and my needs, taking breaks for nappy changes, breast feeding, and cuddles.  You can find her website here: http://www.zoesasulu.com/

*Zoe had the photos ready a little while ago but I wasn't able to upload them to my blog because Max had put a coin into the disk drive of our computer.  Like I said, life is busy these days.