Saturday, December 29, 2012

mt victoria

One of the kids' favorite places- Mt Victoria in Devonport.  It has amazing views and a bit of history to explore.

Friday, December 28, 2012

why I my windows are never clean

....and why it doesn't matter.

new zealand thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the one holiday in New Zealand that tends to make me homesick as it just disappears into the work week.   I miss being with my extended family and eating tasty dinner that is best made by many hands.  On Thursday Lonnie worked late and we had sandwiches for dinner.  But Saturday we held our our Thanksgiving dinner with American friends plus a few honorary Americans.   

I made the turkey, which cost $80 for 5.5kg, made me miss the fat hormone feed American turkeys that are almost given away at supermarkets.  I also made pumpkin pie, which turned out quite nicely.  I love pumpkin pie.  Marney made a delicious yam casserole out of kumra, you never would have know the difference.  She also made delicous canndied carrots and green beans, plus an apple pie.  Deric and Rachel made a mountain of buttery mashed potatoes and a sweet and tangy green apple desert.  Calla and Bryn made the cutest table decorations, a turkey out of a paper bag, a pilgrim hat out of a flower pot and a glass jar filled with corn kernels and a candle.   Sasha and Jordan made stuffing that tasted just like home even though Sasha had never made stuffing she and jordan also made no-bake cookies.   Jordan and Andy made homemade rolls, yum.   Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that require certain foods for them to feel authentic and together we managed to make it really feel like Thanksgiving! 
The kids didn't eat much of their meal.  they were too excited to play.  
My Dad said a little while ago that one of the best things about having Filipinos over for dinner is that they bring lots of food and wash all the dishes.  Deric and Rachel are always the first ones to help clean up and they always bring lots of food.   (Which is not why we invite them, but it sure make it easier to have parties when they are around :)
I'm so grateful for my New Zealand family that helps me feel at home on special holidays.