Saturday, July 31, 2010

hamilton temple

Last Saturday we took a trip to the Hamilton Temple. It is about a 2 hour drive from our place in Devonport. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints we try to attend the temple frequently. We go to church every Sunday for regular meetings but going to the temple is a bit different and special. It is also a bit harder to coordinate with kids because going to the temple is an adult only activity. Thankfully we were able to coordinate with our friends the Sasulus to exchange babysitting while we each attended a temple session.
It was a lovely and glorious day. We were worried about cold and rain but the weather was perfect. Chasing around our kids under the age of 2 1/2 kept us on our toes. But the kids all had a great time exploring the temple grounds and Max and Maya did quite well with staying awake almost two hours past their nap time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

two bike riders

A few weeks ago, we posted a video of the kids riding bikes (a trike in Max's case). We recently bought a new balance bike to help Max keep up with Maya. Here are some photos from a recent ride.
At this age, they don't ride for longer than 10 minutes without ditching their bikes and walking but we were able to go further that we could with the trike.
Max and Maya always like to sit on the bench in the bus shelter at the end of the street. They call it their bus house.
Max didn't appreciate Lonnie stealing his bike for a ride.
Maya is the more accomplished bike rider. On our way home she rode very fast down this hill. Thankfully she crashed into some tall grass and wasn't hurt, she only seemed amused. In this photo she is giving Max a few pointers.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

weekly activites

We finally had a healthy week so we have been enjoying all of our weekly activities! It was a very busy week.

Monday and Friday we went to Playcentre and the kids had a great time playing with water, paint and clay. They also climbed and raced. They were exhausted by the time they got home.

Tuesday we went to church where the moms of young kids have music group and toddler soccer. The kids love singing and running around with their friends. Maya's favorite song is Jack in the Box, she likes to practice her jumping (she hasn't gotten both feet off the ground but it isn't for lack of trying). Max especially loves the parachute at the end of soccer.

Wednesday we went to the local community center toddler play group called "Bells & Whistles". Imagine a huge open room filled with all the toys a child could ever want....slides, trains, play kitchens, tents, bikes,etc. Every Wednesday the toddlers of Devonport get to play while the adults visit.
Normally Thursday is our day at home, but a wonderful woman in our ward, whose children are all in school, has offered to coordinate a cooperative play group. We are going to take turns dropping off our kids. I love my little ones and most activities are more fun when they are around, but there are things that are more enjoyable without the additional appendages. I stayed and played with the kids for a little while and then I ran off to do some errands. I picked up the kids new balance bike (bike post to come) we ordered months ago, and I even bought a new pair of shoes.

Monday, July 26, 2010

putting on a show

Last Friday we invited some friends over for dinner. These friends also happen to be members of the Polkadots. Their daughter Brooklyn is a couple months younger than Max and Maya. The kids had a great time together standing on top of the coffee table and dancing. They put on quite a show.


Max and Maya love riding bikes. Maya has gotten so brave and fast that it was time for a helmet. I was a bit worried that they wouldn't want to wear them. But I guess I didn't need to worry because they haven't wanted to take them off since we brought them home.
Max and Maya wanted to put their helmets under their shirts so they could pretend they were pregnant. (And no, they didn't get that idea from me.)

As soon as they woke up the next morning they put them right back on again.