Thursday, August 7, 2008

what happens when mom lets me fall asleep on the way home from church with a bow on my head......

Lonnie thinks it is torture that I like Maya to have bows on her head. The poor girl has a lot less hair than her brother and besides I usually think the bows look pretty cute. When we took the kids out of the car last Sunday this is how we found Maya. She didn't seem too bothered and slept right through the ordeal.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

fussy time

The babies are pretty happy most of the time, but they do have their fussy time. Thankfully for me this is usually in the evening shortly after Lonnie gets home, so we can work together to hold, sooth and feed the babies. We think they are pretty cute when they get mad. Thankfully they don't often get too fussy at the same time when I am home by myself. It hurts my heart to hear them cry and I am still not very good at soothing them both at the same time.

new record....

For two nights in a row now the babies have gone a little over 5 hours between feedings. It has been amazing. I feel like a whole new woman.

After I have feed them I have been so excited that they slept for so long that I even had a hard time going back to sleep.