Sunday, March 6, 2011

been busy

I have been absent from the blogging world for a while....why?  Well, several big things have been taking up my time lately....

1.  Moving.  We recently moved to a new house.  (Photos to come soon) We are no longer in our 2 bedroom unit.  We now live in a proper house with three bedrooms and two family living areas.  Moving from a furnished unit to an unfurnished home also meant that we spent about a week without a single chair in the house, which seriously cut down on my computer times. We did finally purchased and collect all the needed home furnishings and for the first time in a year I can put nails in the walls and decorate to my heart's bad we don't have much in the way of decor.  :)

2.  Potty training.  I have been talking about potty-training Max and Maya for months.  My friend Kate convinced me that the chaos of the move was a good idea.  New house = new rules....we all use the toilet.  Toilet training twins is not for the faint hearted and I am certainly glad that we are doing it before the new baby arrives.  This may require a post all to itself.

3.  Pregnancy.  I feel so much better during this pregnancy than I did with the twins.  My vomiting has slowed to about once every two weeks, rather than two of three times a day with my first pregnancy.   Unfortunately similarly to my first pregnancy I seem to be prone to chest infections.  I have gone through two bouts of bronchitis and I now have yet another head cold.  But, this time I  haven't been sent into the hospital to stop preterm labor brought on by coughing.

4.  Visitors. We have had our first family visitor!  Hooray for Lucky (Lonnie's brother) for coming to visit.  We had hoped that photos of beautiful landscapes and red-headed children would have brought us family visitors sooner, but New Zealand really is quite far away for most of you.  Lonnie took last week off work (in NZ he automatically receives 4 weeks vacations vs. 2 weeks in the US) and we took Lucky on some travels around the North Island (photos to come).  Lonnie's cousin, Tiffany, who is a flight attendant, flew down on stand-by and also joined us for a few days. We will also shortly be picking up an old BYU friend who is here with us for two days.

5. Accident.  Combine #2, #3 and #4....Last Thursday ten mins after arriving at the holiday home we were renting near Lake Taupo I found Max on the steep spiral staircase trying to outrun his trail of pee.  I picked him up to carry him outside, not thinking about how pee, steep wooden stairs, flip-flops (jandles) and my awkward pregnant body would add up to disaster.  I slid down the stairs holding onto Max and seriously twisting my ankle and bruising my legs.  Thankfully Max and my pregnant belly were saved from any harm.  I immediately yelled for Lonnie as I felt the pain in my leg.  I was put into bed and we abruptly ended our vacation the next morning when we realized I wouldn't be walking anytime soon.  The dr confirmed that I didn't break a bone but didn't have much more advice other than to take pain meds (whatever I can take while pregnant) and stay off my foot and keep it elevated. Anytime I put any pressure on my foot I feel serious pain. At least now I have crutches so that I can get to the bathroom without having to crawl.