Wednesday, September 1, 2010

paci update

It has been 14 days since took away the kids pacifiers. Max and Maya feel asleep for their nap today with out any threats, songs, pleadings, reminders or screaming (this never actually worked, but I admit I tried it anyway).

I have alway believed kids need time to adjust. When Max and Maya were infants I believed in the three day rule: Don't consider anything a failure until the babies have had three days to adjust. But this has taken much longer and to be honest, I really didn't think the adjustment would take so long.

I think I may have backed down on the pacifier removal were it not for all the social presure....who knew peer presure still had force from the other side of the world? The other thing holding me back, that sweet family who were the recipients of our pacifiers were on a trip to the states, meaning I would have had to go out and buy brand new pacifiers.

So today after 14 days, for the first time Max and Maya went to sleep for their nap and all I had to do was put them into their cot (pack and play), tell them I loved them and leave the room.

water...hopefully this will be easier to take away or at least lower the amount
magic sleep bear- Thank you Calla and Bryn
Staying in the room until the kids feel asleep

expalining that big kids go to sleep with out having to be reminded

Of course it also probably helps that Maya is feeling a little sick today.