Friday, June 22, 2007

today is a good day.....

(photo taken around my birthday in 2004 on the doorstep of a shop in Paris, France)

Today is a good day.

Today is my birthday.

I feel asleep this afternoon with a baby in my arms.

This year, if I could ask for anything for my birthday, I wish that I could be influential in the life of a child. Of course, I would love to be a mother, but that is something over which I have little control. What I can control is myself, I can open my heart to serve others, especially children. I can make myself available to those who might need my help. I can open my heart and my home.

I got a call last night from Lyle, my friend Emily's husband. He told me that Emily is sick with strep throat and knocked out with medication. He asked if I could come over and help Emily take care of their 3 month old daughter Eva. I arrived at about 9:00 am and stayed most of the day until 5:00 pm. I was glad to be able to help Emily get needed rest while I cared for Eva.

So what greater gift could I start the year out with being able to take a nap on a recliner with a beautiful baby in my arms?

Today is a good day.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

happy father's day

Top Ten Reasons Lonnie will be a great father.

10. Lonnie likes to play games and sports.
9. Lonnie is thoughtful and kind.
8. Lonnie is non-judgmental.
7. Lonnie makes other people feel good about themselves.
6. Lonnie can help with homework, especially math and science.
5. Lonnie loves his family.
4. Kids like Lonnie and gravitate to him.
3. Lonnie likes to laugh.
2. Lonnie is patient.
1. Lonnie loves me.