Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We took a magical week long trip to Fiji on our way back to the US.  We arrived in the evening and stayed at a hotel near the airport. We swam in the pool and tried to unwind from the stress of moving.

The next morning we were picked up by a tour bus and drove through Nadi.  Several hours later we reached a river landing where we jumped onto a launch and followed the river out of the estuary to Robison Crusoe Island resort.   The resort was the only thing on the small island.  It wasn't a fancy hotel but was perfect for a relaxed family vacation.
Our room/house was just feet from the water on either side.  The island was only 16 acres and half of it was covered with mangroves.  The kids quickly learned their way around and had their run of the place.
The waters surrounding the island were shallow which helped me feel safe about our wandering Max.  
We spent lots of time sitting in lounge chairs and watching beautiful sunsets.
We enjoyed learning about Fijian culture and meeting the kind and happy people. 
We ate all our meals communally which made the kids happy.  They quickly made lots of new friends.
Lonnie and I went out kayaking while the kids were watched by the island staff.  Trent feel asleep and slept for a couple hours on the floor of the hut were the workers rested.
While were were only a few people staying overnight at the resort several people arrived daily for the shows.  We enjoyed the fire walking.
And loved the fire dancing...
The kids loved the shows and still talk about all that we did there.  The keeping hoping we can go back one day.  
Even though we have now been in Utah for six months the kids keep asking to go to the beach and where the palm trees are.