Friday, September 10, 2010

still alive

We have emerged from our forced confinement of sickness. It feels like it has forever to get over this illness. Max and I are still coughing but we are thankfully feeling much better. Lonnie, we hope, has manged somehow to miss this one. Maya had a light case early on and has been sweet enough (she really had no other choice) to hang out at home while Max and I recover.

Yesterday we went out socially for the first time in about a week. We were lucky enough to get better just before the Polkadot's Body Bop concert at Vauxhall School. Maya is amazed that her friend Brooklyn's parents are rock stars. Lat night the kids asked me to tell them a story about the Carebears and the Polkadots. Maya said she wanted a Polkadot Dez doll and Max said he wanted a Polkadot Sarah doll.

This morning we went on a field trip with Playcente to fly kites at the top of Mt Victoria. Our Placyentre is located at the base of Mt Victoria in Devonport (for some of our photos of Mt Victoria click here) so while everyone else enjoyed a nice walk up to the top we decided to not push ourselves so we drove to the top. It was the prefect place for kite flying. The weather thankfully cooperated with blue skies and no rain. Each kid was given a plastic shopping bag tied at the handles with string. The wind was perfect to fill them up with air and make a lovely rustling sound.

***Arughhhhh!!!! Just now as I was writing a small bird flew into our house and flew around the living room. This had happened at least three times since moving here, but this bird was not as trusting of me as the previous birds had been. He fought all my efforts to help him outside....which is hard in a small house with large picture windows. I felt like Mitchell on Modern family. ****

This kids are taking a nice long nap for while I am very glad, so that I can get ready for our trip Playcentre weekend trip to Camp Benzton. Ah....I've lost my train of though after trying to save that bird, which I was finally able to take outside. Lots of fun photos to come....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

earthquake and ear infections

We didn't feel the 7.1 magnitute earthquake centered in Christchurch, NZ yesterday morning. Where we live in Auckland we are more than 660 miles (1000 km) away from the epicenter. It really is amazing that no one was seriously injured in such a large earthquake. If you want to read more about the earthquake you can click here:
We hope those in the affected areas continue to be safe during aftershocks and are able to quickly return to their lives.

In other news we have spent a lot of time at home this week. On Wednesday morning Maya woke up with a bit of a cold so we decided to cancel our playdate and get some rest at home. Thursday Maya's eyes were crusty and Max had also joined in with a runny nose and some coughing. By Friday afternoon I decided I should take this kids to the dr because Max's fever was over 102f. The dr said he though he had double ear infections and prescribed antibiotics. Thankfully Maya was acting brighter and wasn't given any meds.
Our weeks go so slow when we can't go our and participate in fun activities. We spent a lot of time watching Planet Earth and reading books while we all slowly went crazy. Lonnie went to Napier over night for work making the days seem even longer.
Late Friday night I decided I would join in the madness. My throat has swelled up and my neck and ears are sore. Thankfully sweet Lonnie is home and hopefully his trip out of town has saved him from the contagious period of this yuckiness.
Happy Father's Day (New Zealand) Lonnie. It looks like I am the one who will be eating breakfast in bed this morning.