Monday, June 20, 2011

belly painting

On my EDD at Playcentre I decided to celebrate being full-term by letting the kids paint my belly.  I had seen some pretty interesting photos of pregnancy belly paint.  This painting turned out a big different, combining the artistic talents of ten kids, who especially liked to stick their little paint brushes into my belly button.  The painting started out with just Max and Maya but soon involved almost all of the kids at  Playcentre that day.  
I was enjoying the belly painting more that it looks on my face in this photo. :)


  1. Maren, Yes it did tickle a bit, especially when the little kids kept putting their thin paint brushes into my bely button. But it also felt pretty cool. So glad we did it.

    When I hit my due date I decided I would do one thing everyday that I wouldn't be able to do after the baby was born. This hit the mark.