Monday, February 23, 2009

san jacinto

We spent Saturday soaking in a little Texas heritage. For those of you who didn't know Texas use to be its own country and the Battle of San Jacinto was the one that won this independence. The battle grounds are now a National Historic Landmark. After seeing the monument and the battleship Texas that is also nearby we went to lunch (at the recommendation of Emily, thanks!) at the Monument Inn. We tried fried alligator for the first time and enjoyed a nice view of the harbor.

Our fearless and handsome leader.

max's other twin

Here is a photo of Max and Zane back in July.....

And here is a photo of the two of them now....

I think Max is starting to catch up.

Amber and I think that Max and Zane kind of look alike and we aren't the only ones. Once when we were out together someone asked me if they were all my kids. Considering Zane is only six months older than Max and Maya this would be pretty amazing, not to mention crazy. But they do look like the could be brothers.