Friday, August 20, 2010

jumping, bikes, view...

Maya has been trying for weeks to jump with two feet. This week she finally did it and she was thrilled.
The kids are perfecting their bike riding skills. Max wasn't very interested in the bikes until we got the new one, now he is almost as fast as Maya.
Maya has started dragging her foot behind her to slow herself down and keep stable.
Thankfully because they are so small falls don't seem to hurt too much. I'm glad they like to wear their helmets.
The weather lately has been odd. There has been a lot of rain, but then small sunny breaks. We are glad it is finally starting to get warm again. Max and Maya were excited to eat lunch outside a couple times this week.
Did I mention that just three houses down the street from our place is a stairway down to a pretty little bay? Can we convince anyone to come and visit? Air New Zealand has some great flights.....

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Max and Maya like to pretend like they are butterflies. They run around the room flapping their arm. I love it. We were given one pair of angel wings and I found another pair at a charity shop, which is a good thing because they have been thrilled to use them.
Of course my kids aren't always angels. Somedays are really hard. Sometimes they drive me nuts with making messes and whinning. But there are moments when I sit back and stop worrying about the mess, of things that need to be done...and I realize that I am in the presence of angels, straight from heaven.