Saturday, August 30, 2008

babies meet the family

Max having a talk with his Papa (Alisa's dad), who spent much of the weekend trying to teach the kids to say "Papa". Maybe they'll catch on in another year or so.
Maya and Max during their first meeting with some of their many cousins.
Maya laughing with her Nana (Alisa's mom).
Proud Nana and Papa Allred.
Proud Grandpa and Grandma Mercer.
Grandpa Mercer holding both kids at once..."How are you supposed to do this?"
Maya having fun with cousin Zaley.

Max and cousin Ammon.

Labor Day Weekend Plans

Welcome Allred/Mercer Family,

We are so happy to have you all here. Thank you for making the long trip out to visit us and meet the babies.

Due to the fact that Alisa needs to spend most of her time feeding the babies we need your help. We appreciate your helping to make this and enjoyable and fun weekend for everyone. If your name is listed bellow you are responsible to that meal. You can ask others to help you out but you are in charge.

Thanks so much for coming to our to visit and thanks for all you help. We love you!

Breakfast: First one up and ready to eat please put out cereal, bread and bowls
Cereal Milk Toast Orange Juice
Clean up: Everyone

Lunch: Zaley and Zane
Sandwiches- PB &J Meat and Cheese Potato Salad

Dinner: Rob and Ammon
Mosticollii Noodles and Meat Sauce Salad
Cook Noodles, Heat up Sauce in Crock pot

Breakfast: John and Lynne
Pancakes and waffles Maple Syrup, butter, PB, etc Orange Juice

Lunch: Out to Eat- Swing Door BBQ

Dinner: Zane and Zaley
Pork Tacos- Cook meat in crock-pot, w/can of tomato sauce, cumin and chili powder (Start in the AM)
Rice- Use rice cooker Black beans (canned)- heat on stove
Sour cream, Guac, Salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese

Breakfast: First one up and ready to eat please put out cereal, bread and bowls
Cereal Milk Toast Orange Juice
Clean up: Everyone

Lunch: Rob and Ammon
Sandwiches Leftovers

Dinner: Patsy and Cookie
Frozen Lasagna French bread Salad
Cakes lemon water

Breakfast: Lonnie
French Toast and Bacon
Lunch: Leftovers

Fruits and Vegetables (apples, nectarines, bananas, carrots) Leftovers

Monday, August 25, 2008


In the begining:

  • We kept a basic 3 hour schedule, similar to the one the babies had in the NICU.
  • Feeding time: 8 bottles day day x 45 mins each x 2 babies= 720 mins or 12 hours a feeding each day or 84 hours a week (thankfully for at least the first three months there were usually two of us bottle feeding the babies)
  • Pumping: 30min(thank goodness for the double pump) 8 times a day= 240mins/4 hours a day/28 hours a week, plus extra time for occasional power pumping
  • Diaper changes: 8 dipaer changes a day x 2= 16 diapers (at least) a day x 7 days = 112 diaper changes a week
5-7 months:
3 nap schedule

8:30am nap
12:00 nap
4:30 nap

2 naps a day

6:30am fisrt feeding followed by solids at about7:00
9:00am-11:00am babies first nap of the day
11:00second breastfeeding followed by solids
1:40 thrid breastfeeding of the day
2:00-4:00 babies down for second nap
5:00 Fourth breastfeeding of the day followed by solids
7:00 Fifth breastfeeding of the day followed up by a bottle
7:30 Babies in bed for the night

photos of the week