Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We went on an amazing trip to Hawaii with my entire family. Everyone was there. We had a wonderful time.

We were pretty worried about traveling for so long (11 hours of travel time, plus one hour drive on each side of the flights) with two lap children. Thankfully, the kids did much better than I expected but worse than Lonnie expected (I guess I had pretty low expectations). We were lucky enough on the long arm of our flight from Phoenix to Honolulu to have an extra seat, so Lonnie and I were actually able to sit next to each other with an extra seat in the middle for the babies to share. (Normally, two lap children can not sit in the same row because each row only has one extra oxygen mask). We kept the kids busy with lots of food and water and several zip lock bags filled with new small toys from the dollar store.

Instead of getting lots of hotel rooms this is where we stayed. The house was beautiful and had amazing views of the beach and ocean. We spend our time swiming in the pool, snorkling, hanging out at the beach and spending time with our wonderful family.

We learned the hard way that due to the fact that sand in Hawaii is made from coral and is quite coarse it is best to not let