Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sleep transitions

I must admit there is almost nothing that stresses me out more as a mother than dealing with sleeping issues.    Thankfully Max and Maya have been pretty good sleepers and I really shouldn't complain about...although it doesn't stop me.

In the past few months the kids have dealt with several big changes at sleep time....

1. Getting rid of the pacifiers
2. Moving into toddler beds
3. Longer daylight hours
4. Getting older

After giving up the pacifers the kids had started having a hard time going to sleep at nap time.  So I started laying down with them to help them get to sleep.  For kids who had been put to bed awake, never rocked to sleep, I was surprised that they started to

About two or three weeks ago the kids also started having a hard time going to sleep at night.  Pre-sleep changes, on most days, we could put the kids in bed with a kiss and not see them again until morning.

I tried darkening the curtains.

We tried the Supernanny approach of entering the room and putting the kids back into their bed.  But it never seemed to help and it always seemed end with me getting upset and yelling (yes, I realize this is not part of the Suppernanny system)

A couple  of days ago I tried something new.