Wednesday, May 23, 2012

turning four

I have no doubt that every mother says this, but I can't believe my babies are four years old.  While the past four years have gone by quickly I almost can't remember my life before I was a mother.  

The week before their fourth birthday Max and Maya started afternoon kindergarden.  Kindergarden in New Zealand is more like pre-school in the States.  It is focused on play and is located at a separate location from the school.  For three days a week Max and Maya get dropped for 2 1/2 hours.  I almost don't know what to do with myself and the few times we have been home and not our running errands Trent wanders around the house looking for his brother and sister and squawking.  Max and Maya are loving kindergarden.  Maya is quick to make new friends and Max is thrilled with all the new toys.  
We are still attending Playcentre three days a week.  I have duty once a week, Trent comes with me and he loves it!

 Max and Maya's biggest facination these day is with Lego.  My mom and I both got them some for Christmas.  We added to them for their birthday and they are a constant source of entertainment.

On the Saturday before their birthday we all went to the Auckland Zoo and got Zoo memberships.  Max has already started writing a letter to the zoo keepers asking all sorts of questions.  They are going to have to deal with a very demanding client.  He wants to know why there are no camels and when the snake enclosures will be done with their remodel.

Max and Maya's birthday feel on a Monday.  We went to Playcentre where Trent and I stay for my duty day.  The kids at PC all made muffins for Max and Maya's birthday and everyone sang to them.  It was a nice way to spend the morning together.

In the afternoon we had some of Max and Maya's
favorite friends, Jayde and Luka over for a play. Their mom Diana made it into a little party by brining lollies and chips.
That evening we ordered pizza and made fruit skewers.

Max and Maya requested that that each have their own cake. Max's was a giraffe cake and Maya's a flamingo cake.   To make the dinner extra special we all wore dress ups.

The next day at kindy Max and Maya each received a card and got to sit up in  front of the class.
 Trent thinks he is big enough to start kindy too and tries to get into as much as he can when we go to pick up his big brother and sister.

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