Friday, May 23, 2008

one week old

The babies are doing great. They are no longer on feeding tubes or IV's. They are also now in the same bed, which seems to make them very happy. They snuggle up to each other and will sometimes suck on each other's hands and heads. :) We are hoping they will be able to come home next week.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

thier first few days

Read this doc on Scribd: MercerTwins Complete

Here are some photos of our two little miracle babies. A very sweet and talented friend of mine took them yesterday during our kangaroo care hour. Twice a day Lonnie and I are able to hold the babies next to our skin. It calms the babies down, helps them regulate their tempatures, promotes brain and heart development. It also helps me feel like a mother. In these photos I am holding Maya and Lonnie is holding Max.

The babies are doing very well considering their small size and early arrival.

If anyone is the Houston area is looking for a photographer I would be more than happy to give you her contact information. She takes beautiful photographs.