Tuesday, June 9, 2009

going to the grocery store

Getting out of the house is hard with twins. oing to the grocery store is one of our most frequent adventures. Yes, it may sounds strange to say that we go to the grocery store for entertainment, but that is what we do. Of course it also has the utilitarian purpose of providing food for our family but I must admit that there are times when I

new skills

We are behind on our blogging. But I decided to post a couple photos to keep my mom and our other baby fans happy for a couple of days while I get caught up.

The babies are getting more and more mobile. Which also means they have a greater ability to antagonize each other. For several months when Max would take something from Maya she would patiently wait until he was done and then pick her toy back up and act as if nothing had happened. Well, it seems those days are over. Max is still trying to take away anything that Maya is playing with (there is nothing more fun than something sister has), but these days Maya will either fight back or throw a fit.

Here is a photo of the babies after Max took Maya's sippy cup.

Thankfully the babies also seem to enjoy each other even more. Yesterday while I was reading on the couch I heard the babies both laughing. I leaned over and saw Max pinning Maya down and they were both playing with each other's faces. For some reason they thought it was hilarious. Unfortunately they stopped before I could get a photo.

Max's new favorite place to sit is on the bottom shelf of the living room built-in bookshelf. The babies are never far apart in the room. They almost always will play right next to each other.

Maya has also started walking. She isn't as steady as Max yet, but she loves to strut her stuff. She started walking just two days after her one-year-old well -baby check up.

Max's newest skill is pointing. He points at anything he wants. He will even point towards his bed when he is tired or ready for a nap.