Tuesday, October 14, 2014

kids camp explorers

 30 people.  One house.  Explorers.  Discovery.  Friendship.  Love.  Exhausted.

flaming gorge

Max with Uncle Loren

Thursday, October 9, 2014

hike to hidden falls

Hidden falls really can't be called a hike.  It is more of a stroll from the parking lot.  It was so easy in fact that we decided to go past the falls and hike further into the canyon.  The kids were great hikers for the day, which is always hit or miss with this gang.  


girls gone awhile

These woman keep me sane.  Spending just two days away from normal life gave me grounding and strength to keep up the good fight.  

Thank you Ann for hosting us in your lovely home in Spring City, home of my ancestors.  
Thank you friends for the wonderful hours of discussion.


My parents came home from their mission in Barcelona, Spain.  Mike ended his military service in Hawaii and the Pacific.  

We are all living on the same continent for the first time in almost 5 years.  
 Nana meeting baby Ruby for the first time.

trent turns 3

My sweet Trent turned 3 in June.   He loves to snuggle, explore, get dirty and spend time with Max and Maya.  I worried a bit when he was born how he might feel being the odd man out with the twins having each other, but he has pushed his way into the middle of our family.  He is the center of our world.