Wednesday, April 9, 2008

thank you

To Do List:
Thank you notes:

Maggie Ascanio- Gift certificate, dinner
Sister Johnson *-gift card
Liz Brown*- gift card
Kathy Holt*- gift card
Seanna Jolly-
Seminary Teachers-play gym
Marian Pickard*
Andrea Nelson*
Paula Jurinak*
Carolee Weber
Behtany and Andy- CD, doula
Emily Van Orman* *Blankets, towels, pacifiers and gowns
Doula supporters
Leah- clothes, onity, coming to help, doula
Grandma Allred- Blankets*
Tyler and Andrea- Lot of baby clothes
Jared, Debbie, Kyle and Daniel- Gift Certificates
Kelly- preemie gowns*
Mom-preemie clothes
Bridget- dinner*
Tanya- Dinner*
Samantha- quilts
Help-Jacki, Jana, Samantha, Sister Stay (diapers, Onsies) Marci, April Young
Susan- Quilts
Tara- Thing 1 & 2
Patsy- visit and afgans
Ann- onesie- Big Lots*
Sister stay- diapers, onesies, dinner
Terri and Toby- Snugglies and Clothes
Laura- lots of clothes/help
Cuban neigbor- clothes
Lopez- clothes*
jacki- Pecan candy, teddy bears
Dawn- clothes
sandy and suzie-clothes blanket*
Tara Bauer- Blankets*
Bauer Family- Target card*
Place Family-*
3185 W 132 Place
Leanwood, KS 66209
Peggy Willams- Check
Fiet- Target card*
DeGraffs- Childrens Board Books*

Monday, April 7, 2008

Names, names, names...

So we've been discussing baby names for some time. It's complicated enough when you just have to think of one name, but we have the duty to name two kids at the same time. We're pretty settled on the name Maya for a girl, and we even have a back up girl's name in case both are girls. But we haven't really settled on a name for a boy. We have a front runner, but we thought we'd do another poll to see what you (our friends and family) think of various boy names. Please feel free to make comments and add suggestions. You aren't going to hurt our feelings, so fire away. By the way, we reserve the right to name the children whatever we like, and you might want to be careful about expressing your opinion to Alisa once the names are set. You know how mothers get protective of their children. :)