Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We have a nice quite Easter weekend. The babies are still too young for candy and eggs hunts, but I had fun getting them dressed up. Maya wore a puffy new polka dot dress that I bought last Christmas and Nana gave Max a new pair of overalls.

We had a wonderful Sacrament service at church. The music and talks were inspirational. We invited a new family in our ward over for dinner and their little girls searched for eggs in the back yard. Max and Maya were trilled with the company.

The babies get pretty worn out at church. Our meetings are from 9am-12pm, right in the middle of nap time, this past Sunday they both stayed awake the whole time and them passed out on the three minute drive home.
Photo of Maya asleep in her daddy's arms. This is a pretty unusual experience, she normally will only sleep in her crib, in the dark, with her silky blanket pulled over her head.

Saturday night, while Lonnie sat at the kitchen table and prepared his lesson for church, I dyed eggs by myself. Maybe next year the babies will be old enough to make a mess dying Easter eggs. Using inspiration from Kaerlig, I was able to imprint leaves onto the eggs. I think they turned out pretty good.