Sunday, December 26, 2010

2 + 1 = 3

We are expecting kid #3!!! Alisa is at 15 weeks right now with the baby due in mid June. In an odd twist of fate, the baby is due on the exact same day that Maya and Max were due (the twins were born 5 weeks early so we are hoping this baby is born much closer to due date). Apparently, we only know how to make babies on one day of the year.

We were pretty surprised to find out about the pregnancy because we didn't go through any infertility treatments (like we had to do the first time). After seeing many negative pregnancy tests during our marriage, it was a little surreal to see a positive one. (In fact, we didn't even see a positive home pregnancy test when we found out about the twins because Alisa did a pregnancy test at the fertility doctor's office.) Alisa has had an ultrasound that confirmed we are having just one baby, which admittedly we were relieved to know.

The first trimester was a little rough on Alisa (nausea, tiredness, etc.), but it's also been much better than the last pregnancy. At this point, she is starting to feel better, and she is hoping to have a more "normal" pregnancy than the last one.

Alisa is thrilled about the opportunity to deliver a baby in New Zealand. First of all, New Zealand health care system allows you to choose between a midwife, general practitioner doctor, or obstetrician for maternity care (about 80% choose a midwife and midwifery care is fully funded by the government health care system). Alisa has selected a midwife that she really likes and who also happens to be in our ward. Alisa and her midwife think that they had a feeling they were meant to go through something special together when they first met, which sounds a little too Saturday's Warrior for me. In any case, her midwife is great and provides excellent support, and Alisa is likely to have a much better chance at a VBAC than she would have had in the U.S.


our new zealand christmas

On Christmas eve our friends the Dimayas came over for lunch and festivities.  Calla and Bryn had made sugar cookies that the kids loved decorating and delivering to neighbors.  
We then acted out the nativity.  Max originally wanted to be baby Jesus but then decided on being an angel with Maya after he saw her wings.
Christmas morning the kids woke up to find their gifts from Santa.  They were thrilled with their train and doll house.
The gifts continued.....
Later in the morning we drove out to Piha beach for a BBQ with friends.  I was lucky enough to have my friend Cecily in town visiting her sister.  It was a great Christmas treat.
The weather was a little overcast with a breeze.  We gathered against the cliffs and ate sausage, shrimp, potato salad and fresh summer fruit.  Max and Maya (especially Max) also consumed quite a bit of sand.  

After they moved on from playing dinosaurs Max and Maya decided to embrace the fine sticky black sand...rolling around and getting it all over their bodies...
In the end Max won the covered-in-sand competition.  I didn't get a photo but his entire face was black, but at that point we decided it was time to try and shower off and head back home.

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!
We are grateful for this time of year to help us remember and recognize our blessings.  We are thankful for the love we feel as a family, the support we receive from those close by and far away.  We are especially grateful for the sacrifice of our Savior and the comfort and joy that the gift of his life and atonement bring to our family.  
                                                        Much love,
                                                        The Mercer