Thursday, October 2, 2008

i'm a winner

I have to admit that I am am behind in the blogging world. I didn't even know that you could win things on other people's blogs. Thanks to Melissa and Marci for keeping me in the know...
I am also late in getting this post up, but I wanted to thank Jenna at Sweet Baby Creations for these great diaper clutches that I won on SuperMom Central. Jenna was even sweet enough to not only send me just one but two, one for each baby. They each hold a couple of diapers and wipes and even a small cloth changing pad. The best thing about having two diaper clutches is that when I send one of the kids with Lonnie I can just toss him one of these and he is set to go.

Thanks Jenna and Supermom Central!

i love mommy/daddy

I think I've found my new favorite outfits. Thanks Cathy!
The babies are starting to sit up with support. They can't stay up for long, even on the couch, but they are starting to really enjoy being able to see what is going on around them.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

house of babies

Today we got together with women from church who have babies around the same age as Maya and Max. Thirteen babies (and a couple of older kids) were at our house today. There were even at least 3-5 other babies missing.

Just the little ones. (Click on the photo to see better resolution)

Max seems a little unsure of all the craziness.
This was the best one I got of the entire group...
top from left to right: Max and Maya, (both 4 1/2 months), Megan (3 months), Ian (4 months), Elinor (8 months), George 4 months), Anna (5 months)
bottom: Zane (11 months) Brooklynn and Katelynn (also twins- 8 months), Brooke (11 months), Olivia 8( months)
Max and Maya checking out the other kids.