Saturday, January 2, 2010

year in review....

Just so I don't forget......

2009 in review....

Jan- We started 2009 in Danville, CA at my parent's house. Lonnie went to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. We were able to have a short visit with Andy and Bethany. The babies and I watched the presidential inauguration with Heather and Jacki. We also dealt with baby ear infections and coughs.

Feb- Lonnie and I went to the stake Valentines Dance, leaving the sleeping babies for the first time with two baby sitters, we returned an hour and a half later.

March- Lee and Lisa came out to Texas on business and we spent the day in Austin. The Kelbereres came out to visit. Max and Maya started crawling.

April-Max started walking.

May- We celebrated the babies first birthday, together with Anna. Maya started walking. We visited Utah. We took the babies out of the boat for the first time, attened Marrianne's birthday and Phoebee's blessing.

June- We got a short visit from Jesse.

July- We moved the kids out of their infant car seats. Had new hardwood flooring installed.

August- My grandpa Allred passed away, we all traveled to San Diego. We went to Oahu for a week.

September- Lynne and Patsy stopped by on their way to Tennessee. We celebrated out four year wedding anniversary by spending a night in the city and leaving the babies with Jill and Hannah. My Dad came for a short visit on his way to London.

October- We started prepping the house for sale. My mom came in for a short visit on her way to London. House listed and under contract in the same weekend.

November-Thanksgiving with the Hayes. Packing, packing, more packing. Garage sale.

December- House sold. Houston snow. San Antonio Temple with Hannah. Sedona. Utah. No visas. Christmas with the Allreds and the Mercers.

Monday, December 28, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas. My grandma Allred came to spend the holidays with us.
We spent a fun Christmas Eve with the Mercers (I should have taken photos, but we were all having too much fun).
Christmas morning we exchanged a few small gifts. We didn't want to have to pack anything else and decided that the kids would be just as excited to open a few boxes of their favorite crackers and drink boxes.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

temple square

While my sister Aimee and her family were in town for the holidays we went over to Temple Square to enjoy the lights. It seemed like there were a million people there and it was a very cold night, but the babies were entertained and seemed very happy.

Maya looked like a little snow ball sittign on top of my shoulders in her puffy while jacket.

Maya loved eating the snow.

Max was happy to run all over exploring.