Thursday, December 8, 2011

wynyard quarter

We picked up Lonnie at work a couple weeks ago and decided to stop off at Wynyard Quarter again.  Max and Maya decided to take a dip in the fountain while Lonnie went to get fish and chips from the Fish Market.
They weren't fully nude, Maya had a hat on.
Afterwards we took a quick tour of The Fish Market.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

rugby world cup

On the day before the end of the Rugby World Cup we decided to brave the crowds and head down town.  We even convinced Emma to come along with us, which was especially nice because we did a lot of walking and more importantly because we really enjoy her company.  We took the bus from Takapuna, which might have been the highlight of the trip for the kids. 
Standing outside "The Cloud"
There was an exhibition of kiwi ingenuity which included a display by Phil and Ted's.  We put Trent in the newest stroller so I could take a photo to show Ann.  Unfortunately neither I nor Emma could figure out how to unclip him.  Thankfully he was small enough to still slip out.  
I think this may be our first family photo of 5....although you can't really see Trent, at least you can see his hat. 

After we left The Cloud we walked along the Viaduct over to Wynyard Quarter and stopped along the way to explore.

The new park at Wynard Quarter is pretty awesome.  We all had a fun time playing even though I was worried we might lose Max and Maya in all the madness.

Nothing hotter than a baby carrying a baby.  :)


At the beginning of October we took a quick overnight trip to Tairua and stayed here The Gatehouse.  There are so many nice guest houses to stay in here in New Zealand.  Which makes travel a lot easier than staying in a hotel.   We went for just one night, and Trent had a hard time sleeping so we left earlier the next day than we had expected, but the drive was beautiful and it was still nice to get away for a night.  
 We had a nice hike up to the top of Paku Mountain.  Max and Maya have become good little hikers and Trent was happy to sleep in his Ergo pouch (have mentioned how much I LOVE this carrier?  We would be lost without it.)
The camera battery died right after we took this photo of the kids with silly faces, at least it shows the great view.

Monday, December 5, 2011

more lately.....

Spending time at the library with Emma (more about her later) and running into our friends Helen and Ella, who was born about a month before Trent.  
Max and Maya love to read books, which makes me really happy.  Max is especially interested in atlases these days.
We also took an impromptu trip to the Auckland Museum one morning when I needed to go into the city to pick something up.  Trent was quite interested in the glass floor aquarium.   
We have spent several afternoons at the park.
And, of course, stopped at the beach on the way home for a quick dip.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I finally admit my failure to blog due to lack of photos and Lonnie found a way to download pictures off our new camera.  Thank you Lonnie!  the new camera isn't as fancy as the one recently damaged by bubbles, but at least we are still documenting our lives, which will shortly be posted, because if it isn't blogged it didn't happen.  Not downloading photos for over a month and then looking back has made me realize that we have been quite busy, even with a small baby.  We go on a lot of adventures.  I'm not sure how much of it Max and Maya will remember when they are older, but at least we will have the documentation to prove it.  
Even when we are taking it easy we still spend three days a week at Playcentre.   This photo is just a glimpse of the facilities.  
And this is the view from our Playcentre....pretty freaking amazing.  

trent-5 months

The day Trent turned 5 months old he pulled his knees under and started to crawl.  He still isn't very fast (thankfully) and sometimes moved backwards when he wants to go forwards but he is crawling.  Max and Maya didn't start crawling until they were 10 months old.  This little man has places to go and is never content unless he is discovering something new.

bayswater marina

We took these photos about a month ago.  We went on an evening picnic to Bayswater Marina.  The sun was shinning and it was a perfect evening to get outside and enjoy the beautiful place we live.  Max and Maya brought their bikes and rode up and down along the water after dinner.  We even brought bubbles...which ended up spilling on the camera, causing it to break....meaning we haven't taken photos with it sad.  
Thankfully my mom gave us her camera that she left here on her trip. So we do have photos of  our rapidly growing baby boy, I just can't figure out how to download them yet.  :)