Friday, February 12, 2010

a couple snuggle photos....

For all the aunties, cousins, and grandmas out there that are missing Max and Maya....we send you some snuggles.

lake taupo

Our last destination on our way back up to Auckland was Lake Taupo. It is a large fresh water lake in an old caldera. It reminded me of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. It was beautiful. I wished we had more time to spend there but we only had one night.


We didn't spend much time in Wellington, but while we were driving around we saw some pretty amazing places.

palmerston north

Our first stop was Palmerston North. Our "hotel" in Palmy, The Camelot Motor Lodge, was about 4 times bigger than our apartment in the city. It was a two story condo with two bedrooms and a half bath upstairs. Down stairs it had a full kitchen living room, dinning room and a big bathroom with a spa tub. It also had a beautiful garden in the backyard. I was ready to move in.

Lonnie was busy working all day so the kids and I had lots of time to walk around and explore. We walked around the Victoria Espalade at the huge park. The kids loved all the attention they got from the ducks, that was until an over anxious duck grabbed bread from Max's hand a gave him a little bite.

The park also had a kids splash pool (or Paddle Pool in Kiwi). It was about the size of a normal pool but only about 1 /2 feet deep and filled with cool water and a couple fountains.

The park also had an impressive aviary. The babies were in awe of all the wonderful birds.

We also spent time at the big local library and walking around the square at the center of town. It was a great place for the kids and enjoyable for me too.

road trip

Lonnie was asked to go out of town for work last week and thankfully we were able to go with him. It was nice to see more of the country and the kids and I really enjoyed the drive. New Zealand really is amazingly beautiful. We saw green rolling hills. Blue lakes and lots of wonderful trees.