Thursday, February 13, 2014

library miricle

Yesterday when we arrived at the library I had several books to check back in before I was able to pick up some books on reserve.  The kids ran ahead of me down to the Children's area. It was a few minutes before I was able to catch up with them. When I arrived downstairs this is what I found....

Max and Trent had each found a book and were sitting quietly and reading. Maya was in her favorite section, the kids cookbooks, picking out a book. 

Normally I don't have even a second to pick out a book for myself because I am chasing kids running in different directions. But they are getting older, more responsible. I have been trying to give them more freedom while explaining expectations. 

It was a glorious moment. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

art class

I started inviting kids over to the house this summer to do art projects.  With Max and Maya starting kindergarten the class ended up being about 8 kids from their class who come over every week.  We talk about the masters and then do our own projects.  It takes a lot of energy and leaves a big mess but I love having a creative outlet.  

sister bradfield

Just before New Years we were lucky enough to get to spend a couple days with our dear friend from New Zealand Emma before she entered the MTC for her mission in Singapore.  We walked around temple square, played in the snow up near Brighton and stayed up late talking.  


As I have mentioned before one of the best things about moving back to Utah has ben being close to good friends and family.  Christmas gave us to see many loved ones. We had an open house brunch, the week before Christmas, where we saw wonderful friends and didn't take many great photos, but we did get a few.  

We were able to participate in the Mercer Family Christmas Eve festivities, which we had all missed while living in New Zealand.

The Mercer tradition is that everyone must submit a talent.  Believing that they kids would get stage fright if we tried to get them to do anything in front of an audience we decided to film  our performamce ahead of time.  Here it is.....
Christmas morning carnage....
We also caught a virus that caused Max's eye to swell up and discharge yellow goop.  :)