Wednesday, October 14, 2009

latest on the house

Yesterday, we finally had a sunny day, and we had professional photos taken of the house. Our realtor sent a stager over last week to help us get ready. Saturday, we had some landscaping done to clean up the yard. Everything is now in order. Finally our MLS listing is completely finished.

The stagger had us take down all personal photos and religious art. We cleared off the bookshelves and added decorations to the bathrooms. Thankfully, she loved all the Mayan weavings and used a lot of them to decorate walls that were once covered with family photos. It was fun to see how someone else (with more decorating skills) could use my things to make the house look nice.

We had our first showings on Sunday. Five families came to see the house on the first day. We feel very optimistic that the house is going to sell qucikly.

It feels pretty strange to live in the house that we are showing. My yard has never looked this nice, and there is no clutter anywhere (other than the garage which is starting to fill up with things for a future garage sale). Even my closets are clean. If only I could live this way all the time. (If I had all my brothers and sisters here, I would feel like we were the Bluth Family.)

Thankfully, the babies have been good sports about not having all their fun toys out. This is due in large part to the fact that we have taken several trips to Chick-fil-A. Max and Maya have reached the developmental milestone where they are more excited to play than eat. When we arrive at the parking lot, they start kicking their legs and squealing with joy.