Monday, December 3, 2007


Rusted Sun has been tagged by our good friends stuckihouse. I have been quite slacked in writing back but here it goes...

Six things people don't know about me.

1. Lonnie and I usually tell people that we were set up on a blind date. That is really only part of the truth. We actually met through an online dating service called LDS Promise. On this site, you fill out a really long survey designed by a couple BYU professors. They then match you with people they think will be compatible on several different levels.
We are both still kind of embarrassed that we met on the internet and when we do tell the whole truth we like to emphasis that we met on the internet, but we actually got to know each other and fell in love in person and rarely sent each other emails after our first date.

2. When I was six, after some serious thought, I told my mom that I had thought she was the Tooth Fairy but after examining her closet and not finding the required Tooth-Fairy-Outfit, I decided that she was really not the real Tooth Fairy.

3. I speak fluent Spanish. I love to speak in Spanish and sometimes can't find words in English that I know how to say in Spanish. Being in Spanish speaking countries and around Spanish speaking people makes me very happy. But it was not always so......I learned to speak Spanish at the same time I learned English (as a child in Colombia). But I lost it all once we moved back to the United States. As a matter of fact, I got a C in High School Spanish and never really learned to say anything other than "Camarero, dos Coca-colas, por favor", which phrase I have never used in any Latin American county. My father claims that the only reason I even passed my High School Spanish class was because I had the same High School Spanish teacher that he had when he attended High School, and the teacher loved my father.

4. When I was in High School, I was a drama geek and I was Vice President of the Speech Team, although I was never really good at either. I mostly just liked the excitement of the theater and thought the Speech people were smart. Only once did I have a staring role in a play. I was Alice, in a musical version of Alice in Wonderland at a local community theater during my senior year in High School.

5. I rode my bike to Haiti when I was on my mission in the Dominican Republic. The guard at the obscure boarder crossing asked us if we were angles. I also walked to Slovenia from Italy one Sunday afternoon with a friend while our hosts were taking a nap. I went back again later that night with our host and my sister so she too could have a Slovenia stamp in her passport.

6. I was born on Staten, Island, NY but I lived in Bogotá, Colombia from the time I was about 5 months old until I was 5 years old. We moved to San Pedro, CA (where my dad grew up and most of his family lived) two weeks before Christmas and I was extremely worried that Santa Claus wouldn't know where I had moved, so I wrote him several letters explaining that we would be at my grandparents house' on Christmas morning and if he saw it fit to reward me for good behavior that year he should make sure to not deliver the gifts to our home in Bogotá.

So I get to tag people, is that how this works? So I tag Willa, Tom, Dobbs Fam, Lester Bunch, and Persian Babies.

I, of course, have much more juicy things that people don't know about me. But I am not going to reveal them on the internet where everyone in the world will know my deep dark secrets. If you want to know the real juicy stuff, you will have to call or visit. :)