Thursday, December 10, 2009


The kids have been doing pretty well on our long drive, thanks to lots of books and a portable DVD player.

Lonnie's parents had unused time-share week so we decided to find a place along the way to Utah to stop and take a break from our drive. We are staying at a nice condo in Sedona and enjoying a nice couple of days relaxing.

Monday, December 7, 2009

San Antonio

After leaving the Houston snow storm we traveled to San Antonio. On Saturday morning Lonnie stayed at the hotel with the kids so I could go to the temple with our friends Hannah and Jill. The temple was beautiful and we had a wonderful time. I was so glad to be in a sacred place with wonderful friends.

After we meet up with Lonnie and the kids and went out for some Texas BBQ at Rudy's. The food was great and the company even better.

When Maya was given a taste test of the smoked turkey she kept saying "yumm, yumm, yumm". She didn't want to leave.

Thanks Hannah for letting us share your special day and for letting us steal your photos too. :)