Friday, April 16, 2010

sleeping beauties

There are few things I enjoy more than sneaking into Max and Maya's room to watch them sleep. Today I couldn't help but risk taking their photo. Thankfully they were so tired they didn't even move when the flash went off.

Max has a band-aid on his face because he was scratched by a cat at the park this week. He loves cats and dogs and can't help but kiss them on the face and hug them with both arms. Sometimes this makes the animals a little uncomfortable.

Max sleeps every night with a silky blanket that my great-grandmother Ethel Elliott Hight made for my sister. It somehow ended up at my house and I planned on giving it back to Aimee, but Max claimed it as his own. Max got his middle name from her, his great-great-grandmother.

The sweater Maya is wearing was mine when I was a little girl. I think it was bought in Colombia and worn by all my sisters and nieces. Maya's blankets were made by our friend Susan Combs, back in Katy, TX and my grandmother.

How could they not sleep soundly surrounded by so much love?

our kitchen

It is still a work in progress but here are the latest developments on the play kitchen at our house.