Sunday, April 26, 2009


These kids have skills.

Maya has been crawling for about three weeks now. The babies follow each other around the house and seem to like to occupy the same space. They are now working together to find new places to destroy.

Max also started walking last Sunday. He also was so proud of the accomplishment that he repeated the demonstration several times and has started adding more steps. He is only up to about five or six steps at a time, usually landing on his bum but he is getting more confident. Funny enough he didn't take the steps toward Lonnie or me, he took them away from me towards our friend Jill who came over dinner.

The babies also love to play pat-a-cake. If I even say pat-a-cake they will start clapping. Max also likes to wave and now stands near the window to wave good be when Daddy goes to work. Maya waves when she feels like it.