Thursday, June 14, 2007

celebrating life!- improtant people in our life

Stella Celebrates her 1st Birthday

Sammy Celebrates his 5th birthday

Stella and Sam (Alisa's niece and nephew both had birth days in the past weeks. They are great kids and we love to hang out with them.

Stella had a baby birthday party with all of her favorite things; swimming, eating strawberries, hanging out with fellow baby friends and not getting mauled by her big brother. Alisa found that great swim suit for her.

Sammy had a Luchador party. He and all his buddies ran around with our their shirts on, slid down the the slip-and-slide and practiced their wrestling moves.

These kids make great cousins. We love them like crazy!

Happy Birthday Sammy and Stellie!


  1. Dear Future Cousins! We love out Aunt Alisa. She is da Best! She always takes us out on special adventures. She loves to read books with us and really plays with me. Uncle Lonnie is really cool. He likes to water ski and he let both me and Stella go on the boat with him. NEW COUSINS would be the best of all birthday presents.


    Sam and Stell

  2. I love my new swimming suit. My Aunt Alisa is always thinking about other people. She is so very kind and really know how to make you feel special.



  3. Thanks for the comments Sam and Stella. (and thanks for the help from your mom) You kids are wonderful. We love you both so much!
    -Alisa and Lonnie