Friday, February 22, 2008

we're not so sure anymore....

So we thought we knew the sexes of the babies, confirmed twice by an ultrasound.....and we were keeping it only just a little bit quiet (I usually told anyone who asked).

But then yesterday I went to the doctors and had another ultrasound. Now we are not quite so sure. The nurses discussed and could not come to a consensus, other than to tell us to wait for another ultrasound in another two weeks.

So the voting is still open. Feel free to change your vote, if you so desire.


  1. Well tell your little babes to cooperate next time :-)! Keep us posted though (I got a very gender specific baby gift this week :-)!

  2. We are pretty sure that we have at least one girl. Baby B is still in question.

    I'm excited to know too. I bought two pink car seats. Sometimes children are so uncooperative. :)