Thursday, March 6, 2008

and the winner is......

I went to the doctor's office again today and had another ultrasound.

Of course we won't know 100% until the babies are born, but we were told that baby A is a girl and baby B a boy! Yes, a set. One of each.

I guess we won't have to ever worry about telling them apart, we can always just check.

We are thrilled! (of course we were thrilled when we thought it was two girls also) It is so fun to think about what life might be like with two little babies.


  1. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you two--well, four. I sure love the little boy babies, but we haven't had a girl baby to compare. :) I think babies in general are heaven.

  2. Well, I'm excited for you even though I'll have to figure out a new baby gift :-)! I have always thought it I was going to have twins I would want a boy and a girl. Congratulations again!

  3. You and the twins look beautiful. I was just thinking that you have 4 people in your bed now. 3 of the 4 are movers, then there's Mommy who doesn't move. I love you both. Nana

  4. It's just like John the Baptist. Lonnie couldn't have a man-child until he agreed with angels to name him LUCKY!!!

    (OK, M. Lucky)
    (Xanny says you can use Love One Another for the other kid. Lovey & Lucky -- It's gooooooood.)

  5. How perfect! Alisa, I couldn't be more happy for you! I hope you enjoy the anticipation of these next few months as you get ready to meet and take care of your little angels.
    Love, Katie Stapleton (Parker)