Saturday, May 17, 2008

our beautiful little babies...

(Max is the one wearing the hat)

Because they were born 5 weeks early and only weigh 4 lbs each, the babies are in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU). Their lungs are strong so they don't need any breathing assistance, but they are on IVs and are slowly building up their ability to eat from bottles (hopefully they will allow breastfeeding soon). We would love to be able to hold them more often, but we are glad that they are receiving such good care. The nurses in the NICU have been wonderful to interact with us and let us feed and hold the twins as much as possible.


  1. Alisa, you are amazing to post so many photos and updates so quickly. Your babies look WONDERFUL and healthy. I had my second at 33 weeks, and she was 3 lbs 12 oz. Now at age 3, she is an average-size everything except she is exceptionally lovely and brilliant (just kidding). BUT what is most important is that she was the best nurser ever. I am so impressed that yours are already taking a bottle at times (ours had the ng tube for about 2 weeks). Just persist with the nursing, keep in touch with your LC, and don't worry if they want you to give Neosure through a bottle - ours took it for about 8 weeks before she totally rejected it in favor of the breast, and I do think it helped her grow. Sorry it this is too much information - so happy for you both. And I think Maya looks like you in photos -

  2. Congratulations!! They are beautiful. I am sure that it must be hard to have your babies in the NICU but am glad they are healthy and doing well!

  3. Good job mommy!! and daddy. we will keep you all in our prayers and are happy for the safe arrival of your new little spirits, wish we were there to love you in person.

  4. They are so perfect. Tiny, sweet, and totally perfect.
    That is wonderful that you are able to be with the kids as much as possible. It is hard to not be able to take your baby(ies) home with you right away but try to enjoy getting a little rest while your babies are under the constant care of the most expensive baby sitters they'll ever have!!! Even though it may not be the ideal situation, knowing that they are in good hands and that they are well is such a blessing.
    I'm so happy that you finally have the children you've been hoping for for so long. It must be an even sweeter feeling to have such a deep desire fulfilled. Congratulations again!!!

  5. So so so happy for you!!! You look great and so do your beautiful babies. They are just gorgeous. I can definitely see Lonnie in Maya!
    It is such a miracle, isn't it? It is always amazing! So glad you have your babies!

  6. They are beautiful! We are so happy for you and are glad they are doing well. Our little Abby was in the NICU for a couple weeks so we hold a very special place in our hearts for NICU nurses:) They also share a birthday with our little Hope!

  7. Congratulations my sweet Alisa! what a blessing! You did it! Pump and pump, you won't regret it!
    Give Maya and Max a big kiss each from us.
    Love you

  8. They are so beautiful! Too bad you are so popular that by the time I figured out childcare for my own, people were already lined up to help you! I was excited to meet due time :-)!

  9. They are beautiful! Congratulations! If you need help, just holler!