Friday, July 11, 2008

family photos

We finally were able to take a photo of all of us together.  The babies were awake and I had clothes on.  :)


  1. I am really glad you had clothes on for the pictures :-). I love the ones of Max and Maya snuggling too - they look so alert! I definitely need to come by next week!

  2. What a cute family. It takes me back to when my little ones were tiny. Take advantage of it. We would love to hear more about them. How old are they now? How big...or tiny... are they. You look so good Alisa. Congratulations on all of it.

  3. That's really funny about you finally having clothes on! What's funny about it is that every mother reading it is laughing to herself and thinking how true it is!

    Love the family photo. The babies are so cute. Max looks like he has a great personality in the photos in the previous blog. His eyes and cute little grin seem to have a whole lot to say!

    They are beautiful.

  4. oh my goodness!
    so so cute. they even have red hair! i cant wait to meet the little bundles of joy.
    -we miss you guys!

  5. Getting dressed every once in a while is a real treat. They are beautiful. And you gotta love the special bonding pictures....

  6. I thought I'd seen all the photos. Imagine my surprise when I see Max looking into his mommy's eyes. I've got tears in mine. Love you,