Friday, August 22, 2008

sleep and the olympics

We have been using our late night feeding times to enjoy the Olympic Games. In honour of all the gymnastics we have been watching Maya decided to roll over from here belly to her back for the first time. She did it four times yesterday! Max doesn't seem quite as interested because he is quite content laying on his belly. Maya on the other had really dislikes laying on her stomach and has decided to avoid her tummy time by rolling on to her back.

Max's big feat of the week is that he slept for almost 8 hours last night. (Maya has already had a couple of night's long sleep) I woke up several times uncomfortably wondering when they were going to wake up, but I was not going to wake them up.

We also had a weight check at the doctor's office yesterday. Both babies are over 11lbs.

Pretty amazing feats of strength for 3 month old babies born 5 weeks early at only 4 lbs.

I think they both deserve a gold medal.


  1. I'll give them a gold too - especially for sleeping through the night! It will just keep getting better and better now :-)!

  2. SERIOUSLY! I'm so jealous. Anna hasn't done either of those things! We need to adopt a Chinese-style training program.

  3. We were pretty surprised when both of those things happened. Max has since slept 6 hours the next night and again 8 hours last night. I have had to wake up Maya both time to eat. Who knows how long she could sleep, the poor girl gets woken up to eat whenever her brother wakes up.

    As for the rolling over Maya did it four times on Wednesday and once on Thursday and has since joined a union and gone on strike. She says she doesn't like being the show pony and will only do tricks if given a serious raise. Given that breast milk is the only commodity that she is willing to accept we are still in negotiations.