Wednesday, October 1, 2008

house of babies

Today we got together with women from church who have babies around the same age as Maya and Max. Thirteen babies (and a couple of older kids) were at our house today. There were even at least 3-5 other babies missing.

Just the little ones. (Click on the photo to see better resolution)

Max seems a little unsure of all the craziness.
This was the best one I got of the entire group...
top from left to right: Max and Maya, (both 4 1/2 months), Megan (3 months), Ian (4 months), Elinor (8 months), George 4 months), Anna (5 months)
bottom: Zane (11 months) Brooklynn and Katelynn (also twins- 8 months), Brooke (11 months), Olivia 8( months)
Max and Maya checking out the other kids.


  1. That was such a cute idea! I feel like I missed the boat not having a baby at the same time as everyone else :-)!

  2. wow. what a lot of babies. Were the adults able to talk over the crying? Max and Maya look way cute. Love how they chew their hands.

  3. It was fun--thanks for getting us all together!

  4. Wow talk about Babies R Us. Fun fun fun. Did you need a nap after that. I think a nap just from reading this. You are awesome!

  5. That is amazing. How fun for all you mom's with such cute little ones.

  6. Whoa baby! Literally! It reminds me of our mommy group, except that every single baby in our ward born in the last three years was a boy. Boys running all over the place.

  7. That landscape photo could be the next "Anne Geddes" 750 piece puzzle (minus the floral, bug or pottery 'costumes')!?!

    So CUTE!!!

    I hope I get to see my niece and nephew before they get too old!

    Lisa in TN - I need to get a Google ID ASAP.

  8. Marci- You led the pack. You were the trend setter. We were just following behind.

    Kaelig- Yes, they love those tasty little hands.

  9. the first picture of all the babies has got to be about one of the funniest pictures I have seen. It's great!