Wednesday, October 15, 2008

why we have a double sink

In honor of making it in the crazy world for five months we bathed the kids in the sink for the first time last night. Maya had had a pretty hard day, refusing to nap and crying most of the day. By the time Lonnie got home from work I was worn out, tired and was ready for some happy time.

Max loved the sink. He probably could have sat there for hours. He looked like he was sitting and relaxing in a hot tub. Maya tolerated her bath and sucked on wash cloth most of the time, but she kept quite and didn't cry so I was satisfied.

Seems to me that double sinks were especially made for twins.


  1. too cute, you get double the trouble but double the fun too. Ish hated the bath and screamed all the time, Soraya loved it. they already come that way.

  2. I read this title and knew exactly what I was going to see. TOOOOO cute! And sorry about the bad day.

  3. Alisa, got to hand it to you. One baby is tiring and to have two, well that takes super woman energy.