Wednesday, November 19, 2008

six month check-up

The kids did great at their 6 month check up. They have both grown more than 10 inches in the past 6 months as well as gained over 10lbs. They have almost quadrupled their birth weight. Lonnie had a meeting planned so I took them myself to the doctor's appointment. Thankfully they didn't even cry much when they got their shots and they eve feel asleep waiting for the appointment.

The kids are growing like weeds. Max now has two teeth and the doctor said she thought that his top teeth wouldn't be far behind. Maya has one bottom tooth that is just starting to poke out and the second one is almost there too. Max out weighted Mays for the first time. We were also all quite surprised to find out that somehow Maya is also in the 90th percentile for height. The doctor even did a second measurement just to make sure.

height: 26 3/4 inches 90th percentile
weight: 15 lbs 1 oz 25-50th percentile
head: 17 inches 75-90th percentile

height: 26 1/4 inches 25-50th percentile
weight:15 lbs 41/2 oz 10-25th percentile
head: 17 1/4 inches 50-75th percentile

(the percentiles are different for boys and girls)


  1. Congratulations!!! Go mom! I am so excited to hear that they are doing so well! That is a huge feat for preemies! Hopefully they will be able to make weight and be able to turn around for their first birthday! They are darling and you deserve major kuddos.

  2. Learn something new everday...I didn't realize there were different percentiles for boys and girls as babies. I was surprised that 1/2 an inch could make such a difference in percentiles though, so mystery solved :-)

  3. ditto what marci said

    Keep the milking coming. It's cool to think that they grow from eating thier mom (mostly).