Tuesday, December 23, 2008

don't do drugs

Just a warning.....

After going to the doctors last Wednesday the babies were prescribed Albuterol to help them breath better. Lonnie went and picked up the prescription on Wednesday night and we started the babies on the breathing treatments on Thursday. The medicine is administered though and inhaler attached to a tube and then a mask. It looks kind of like this (only our kids don't sit quite that still).

Unfortunately one of the possible side effects of Albuterol is nervousness and hyperactivity. Which is exactly how Maya reacted. She was actually in a pretty good mood all day but wiggled and wiggled and would not stop. When we tried to put her to bed and her normal 7pm bed time she fought going to sleep for more than 5 hours. She would fall asleep exhausted and then wake up again screaming less than 30 mins later. They only thing that would calm her down was holding her close. At about 1am she finally feel asleep for the night, I put her in the pack and play in the spare room and tried to get some sleep myself, but I could heard he wiggling all night long.

Just what we all needed while we were trying to get over being sick, staying up all night with a hyper-active-drugged-out-7-month-old. When I called the doctor on Friday morning the nurse said that this side effect is fairly common and we should try Xopenex instead, which does not have the hyper-active/crazy-child side effect. Why we didn't start out with this prescription is beyond me.

Thankfully the new meds and time seem to be working on running the course of this demon illness and the babies are breathing better now. Maya, who is a couple of days ahead of Max in the illness, seems to have gotten almost over it and Max is finally starting to show improvement. I unfortunately have lost my voice almost completely. So if I haven't answered your phone calls please understand, I sound like Darth Vader and it is quite frightening.


  1. based on the number of typos, it appears you haven't got much sleep either ;) wish you and the babes a quick recovery!

  2. you are right...after taking a short nap I actually read what I wrote....and fixed at least some of the spelling...still I AM very tired!

  3. Oh Alisa, I hope you are all feeling better and sleeping better soon...hopefully by Christmas!!!

  4. When Matt was a baby they tried him on liquid albuterol which was awful. Not only was he extremly hyperactive, but his whole body had tremmors. It was terrible. I did notice the typos - pretty funny. I hope you can get some sleep. I'm so sorry your kids are sick. I hope they are much better by today.

  5. Bummer about the RSV--I just finished a month of inpatient pediatrics and it's fairly popular in kiddos that have to stay in the hospital. The worst case my preceptor had seen was something like 40 days in the hospital. My best guess on Xopenex vs albuterol is that Xopenex costs roughly 6X as much and the effectiveness has been similar in a lot of trials (I couldn't look this up on the most current sites because I don't have access at home...)--which means that there are likely also a lot of insurances that wouldn't cover the drug. I'm glad your little ones weren't ill enough to be admitted and I hope that they are rapidly improving.

    Happy New Year!

    Mr. TL

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