Wednesday, April 9, 2008

thank you

To Do List:
Thank you notes:

Maggie Ascanio- Gift certificate, dinner
Sister Johnson *-gift card
Liz Brown*- gift card
Kathy Holt*- gift card
Seanna Jolly-
Seminary Teachers-play gym
Marian Pickard*
Andrea Nelson*
Paula Jurinak*
Carolee Weber
Behtany and Andy- CD, doula
Emily Van Orman* *Blankets, towels, pacifiers and gowns
Doula supporters
Leah- clothes, onity, coming to help, doula
Grandma Allred- Blankets*
Tyler and Andrea- Lot of baby clothes
Jared, Debbie, Kyle and Daniel- Gift Certificates
Kelly- preemie gowns*
Mom-preemie clothes
Bridget- dinner*
Tanya- Dinner*
Samantha- quilts
Help-Jacki, Jana, Samantha, Sister Stay (diapers, Onsies) Marci, April Young
Susan- Quilts
Tara- Thing 1 & 2
Patsy- visit and afgans
Ann- onesie- Big Lots*
Sister stay- diapers, onesies, dinner
Terri and Toby- Snugglies and Clothes
Laura- lots of clothes/help
Cuban neigbor- clothes
Lopez- clothes*
jacki- Pecan candy, teddy bears
Dawn- clothes
sandy and suzie-clothes blanket*
Tara Bauer- Blankets*
Bauer Family- Target card*
Place Family-*
3185 W 132 Place
Leanwood, KS 66209
Peggy Willams- Check
Fiet- Target card*
DeGraffs- Childrens Board Books*

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