Monday, August 25, 2008


In the begining:

  • We kept a basic 3 hour schedule, similar to the one the babies had in the NICU.
  • Feeding time: 8 bottles day day x 45 mins each x 2 babies= 720 mins or 12 hours a feeding each day or 84 hours a week (thankfully for at least the first three months there were usually two of us bottle feeding the babies)
  • Pumping: 30min(thank goodness for the double pump) 8 times a day= 240mins/4 hours a day/28 hours a week, plus extra time for occasional power pumping
  • Diaper changes: 8 dipaer changes a day x 2= 16 diapers (at least) a day x 7 days = 112 diaper changes a week
5-7 months:
3 nap schedule

8:30am nap
12:00 nap
4:30 nap

2 naps a day

6:30am fisrt feeding followed by solids at about7:00
9:00am-11:00am babies first nap of the day
11:00second breastfeeding followed by solids
1:40 thrid breastfeeding of the day
2:00-4:00 babies down for second nap
5:00 Fourth breastfeeding of the day followed by solids
7:00 Fifth breastfeeding of the day followed up by a bottle
7:30 Babies in bed for the night

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