Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fourth photo

I haven't been very good at responding to tags but this one is easy. My friend Melissa, who is also the mother of boy/girl twins (who are 8 years old) tagged me. All I had to do was post the Fourth photo from the fourth file on my computer. I'm on our laptop, that doesn't have as many photos other than the babies....which are the most fun photos to see.

This is a photo of Lonnie with both the babies in carriers while watching General Conference last October. The kids had fun being carried around like this, but it took both Lonnie and I to get them arranged and once they were in it was pretty much impossible to sit down, so we never did it again. Now that they babies are bigger, and much heavier, it would be even harder.

I tag....all of those who's tags I never responded to (I really had good intentions, but never got around to it), anyone who needs something easy to post today, and any one who has a top secret fourth photo file just waiting to be revealed.

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  1. Ha Ha, that is cute. Can't say we ever tried to do that.