Tuesday, October 20, 2009

snuggle time

The babies are getting even more snugly these days, and I love it. They nuzzle their little heads into my neck and wrap their arms around my shoulders when they are upset and when they are ready to sleep.

They even have started to be snugly with each other. Sometimes when they are sitting in their booster seats, they will lean their heads towards each other and smile. They like to hold hands in their car seats, and sometimes (with a little encouragement) they will run up to each other and knock each other down with hugs.

When I came into the room a couple of days ago, I found Maya with her head on Max's shoulder. I was too late to catch it on camera, but I love that they like each other so much. Of course, they also take toys from one another and fight for Mom and Dad's attention, but they really do like to be together.


  1. So Cute! Brooklynn and Katelynn are the same way. When one is sad, the other will rub the sad one's back. In the stroller sometimes one will reach over and run her fingers though the other ones hair. They are even at the point now where they give each other kisses! I know what you mean about knocking each other over when they hug too. So much fun to watch!

  2. Oh, they are so cute. I love when kids are loving like that. I am trying to treasure these days because I am sure they will fight like crazy in a few years.

  3. They really are so cute! That is sweet that they will always have each other to love. Even if they grow apart at some point they always have that bond that will surely bring them back together. :)