Friday, April 9, 2010

play kitchen

So, this is my most recent project, made with a lot of help from my kind neighbor Paul.

I've actually decided to make a couple play kitchens and sell them. I needed a creative outlet. I've bought four tables and I even bought my own jig saw. This specific play kitchen will go up on the New Zealand online auction site Trademe this week.


  1. That kitchen is so CUTE!!! You are so talented Alisa!!

  2. It us ADORABLE!!! For some reason I haven't been getting your updates in my Bloglines so I was glad you commented and reminded me to check out what you guys are up to! It is beautiful where you are and you guys are adjusting so well! The kids look cute as can be :-)!

  3. Looks like New Zealand is quite an adventure. It was fun to see all your pictures. Glad to see you're all doing well!