Thursday, May 20, 2010

i won this round

Max has learned how to get out of his bed. We left our cribs (cots) in the US and brought only our pack and plays (travel cots) to New Zealand. I knew it was only a matter of time. With all the time we spend climbing at the park, the kids were bound to learn how to climb out of their cribs. Two days ago Max strolled into my room near the end of nap time.

I realized last night when I was putting the kids to bed that Maya's travel cot is slightly taller than Max's. So I had the kids switch beds. It worked. I asked Max if he could get out of his bed. He tried several attempts and couldn't quite do it.

It looks like mom won this round. Unless he was just trying to lull me into tranquility so he could showcase his skills at another time.

In other news, Lonnie has decided that it is not yet time to give up the pacifier. We are going to give the kids another six months so that we can be sure they understand what is going to happen. Score one for the kids.


  1. Abby had her binkie at bedtime until she was 3. (Yeah, I know. It is a bit long.) When we decided it was definitely time, we took her to build a bear. She got to pick out a bear and put her binkie in it. We talked it up for a few days and it worked wonderfully! She was sad at bedtime for a couple days, but it went very smoothly overall. I don't know if they have build a bear stores in NZ, but it worked for us! Just thought I'd share my experience since I don't think I did when you made your original binkie post.

  2. Hey Alisa, I thought WE decided...but that's alright...I just wanted to share the credit.
    Love you,

  3. Yeah . . . I wimped out on the binkie thing also. I love the Build-A-Bear idea from above!